Group Training

Customized Training



Did you know? MD Project Firstline can deliver a virtual training session just for your staff, or we can visit your facility for in-person training! Select the topics that will be most helpful, and we will present the CDC content as well as provide any associated training materials.

Topic 1: The Concept of Infection Control

Topic 2: The Basic Science of Viruses

Topic 3: How Respiratory Droplets Spread COVID-19

Topic 4: How Viruses Spread from Surfaces to People

Topic 5: How COVID-19 Spreads: A Review

Topic 6: Multi-Dose Vials

Topic 7: PPE Part 1- Eye Protection

Topic 8: PPE Part 2- Gloves and Gowns

Topic 9: Hand Hygiene

Topic 10: Virus Strains

Topic 11: PPE Part 3 – Respirators

Topic 12: Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

Topic 13: Source Control

Topic 14: Asymptomatic Spread of COVID-19

Topic 15: Ventilation

Topic 16: Introduction to Reservoirs

Topic 17: Recognizing Risk Using Reservoirs

Training Toolkits

Want to lead your own infection control training? Use Project Firstline’s training toolkits to lead live, web-based training sessions with groups of healthcare workers. Help your team learn to recognize infection risks throughout their workday by teaching them where germs live and how they spread. You don’t need to be an expert to lead an infection control training, as the resources in these toolkits will help you along the way.


MD Project Firstline offers webinars on various infection control topics each month. You may access the webinar from your phone, laptop or other device. 

Ready to Earn Dental Continuing Education Credits?

Join us as we discuss infection control and virus basics.

Our Infection Control training is now available as an Escape Room! 

This free training experience offers a fun way to learn infection prevention and control concepts. Teams can work together on the following topics: hand hygiene, source control, PPE and cleaning and disinfection.

We will set up and lead the experience–all you do is have fun!